Find the root cause of your health symptoms & improve your life with our Personalized Health Coaching

We offer targeted, functional lab testing: Hormones, Stress & Sleep Test, Food Sensitivity Tests, Metabolic Profile Tests, Gut Microbial Test, Gut Inflammation Test & more.

Our Key Formula to Success

Each body and individual has different needs. Understanding those needs and implementing them into a nutrition & health protocol is our main expertise. The name ZUMIN was born from what we believe in and is also our key to success:

Zoom in to Your Body ("ZUMIN")

Zoom in to your body- using targeted, evidence-based laboratory testing.

Virtual Coaching

Virtual one-on-one coaching - via zoom, WhatsApp or other virtual tools. In each plan, we accompany you daily.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy & balanced lifestyle - we believe in healthy living as opposed to a trendy, one-size-fits-all protocols or diets. In addition, we focus on other components for healthy lifestyle.

The Ideal Version of Yourself Does exist!

Stop just treating symptoms and seek the underlying cause for your health symptoms. Let us help you find your hidden stressors to heal yourself and improve your life!

  • Functional Lab Tests - Functional diagnostic lab tests are the best tool for you to learn about yourself and what's going on underneath your symptoms . We will assess and take into consideration all your health, lifestyle & nutrition to recommend the right tests for you
  • Personalized Protocol- We believe in a personalized approach as opposed to a trendy, one-size-fits-all diets. we take into consideration multiple factors in order to build the right protocol for you
  • Implement Results- We offer 1:1 coaching programs, to help you implement results & improve your overall health. Your coach will be there for you at any time for support, motivation, information, monitoring and reinforcement.
  • Holistic Approach- In our plans we focus on 5 componants of healthy lifestyle: Nutrition, Rest, Exercise, Stress, Supplements. We help you support your body’s natural healing ability and help sustain long-term wellness.

About the CEO & Founder

ZUMIN Nutrition is owned by Michelle Ben Moshe, a functional nutrition practitioner & certified nutrition coach. Michelle has always been very passionate and successful with helping others to improve thier lives. The importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle has always been something close to her heart. The ability to help individuals reach heal themselves, reach their goals, and adopt a healthy lifestyle is her mission.

  • Areas of expertise: Functional Nutrition, Gut Health, Hormone Imbalance, Weight Management, Sport Nutrition, Behavioral Change.
  • A Woman Owned Company


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I have a medical condition that restricts what I can & cannot eat. Is your program right for me?

    We are not Registered Dietitians (RD). Helping clients with medical conditions that require a specific medical nutrition therapy is out of our scope of practice. We cannot treat disease, and a referral to RD or healthcare provider is required. After you met with a professional organization, we can help you facilitate and support dietary guidelines provided by your RD.

  • We ship to every state in the United States except New York. New York clients, pleases contact us to ship to the closest address to your home.

  • We wanted our clients to know that they can reach us at anytime. You can reach out to your coach 24/7. Our goal is to always get back to you within the same day (24 hours). On Saturday and Sundays you are welcome to write your coach, and she/he will respond on the following Monday.

  • Food intolerance/sensitivity is completely different from an allergy and affects all people in one way or another! Food allergies attacks the immune system and causes a variety of symptoms immediately. Allergy-related symptoms include difficulty breathing, rash, chest pain, decreased blood pressure, and difficulty swallowing. These are life-threatening symptoms that require immediate treatment. In addition, consuming even a small amount of the offending foods can lead to symptoms, and, therefore, they should be avoided completely for one's entire lifespan. Since the symptoms are immediate, they are noticeable even without testing. In the case of a test, a comprehensive blood test will be performed to detect the foods that cause high levels of IgE antibodies in the blood.

    In contrast, food intolerance/insensitivity attacks the gastrointestinal tract and causes symptoms, often subtle, that affect our quality of life cumulatively. These are symptoms that are not life-threatening but can affect and reduce our quality of life. These symptoms include, indigestion, such as irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, heartburn and bloating, headaches and migraines, skin and eczema problems, fatigue, feeling heavy, difficulty losing weight, and even anxiety. These symptoms will usually arise after prolonged eating of the same offending foods and will arise after hours or even days. Because it is difficult to identify the same foods that cause us intolerance, testing is necessary. The test uses a dry blood specimen that can be done at home, which assesses the level of IgG antibody production in the blood. After identifying the foods, it is recommended to completely avoid these foods for three months and then gradually incorporate them into the menu.

  • For best results, we recommend eliminating the offending food for at least 3 months. We recommend enrolling to our 3 month program in order to fully understand how to eliminate these offending foods. After 3 months, the offending foods can be re-introduced with the right moderation. You can enroll our 6 or 12 month program in order to learn how to re-introduced these foods.