Your Holistic Wellness Protocol

Wellness Protocol + Labs

My approach goes beyond one-size-fits-all solutions, crafting a personalized holistic wellness protocol just for you.

Through comprehensive intake session, I delve into your lifestyle, preferences, and goals, ensuring every aspect is considered.

Embracing the power of functional lab tests, I bring a scientific edge to your wellness journey.

Ready to discover a tailored path to well-being that aligns with your unique needs, towards vitality and balance?

Functional Holistic Approach

symptoms are not the problem; they are the result of the problem. This is why I don't treat symptoms but helping you to find your body dysfunctions and healing opportunities.

When your root causes are left unchecked or not corrected in the body, they will affect other areas. I don't treat or diagnose any specific diseases, my goal is to uncover and address these root causes, aiding your body in regaining balance for holistic well-being.

The initial step involves a comprehensive intake meeting where we'll delve into your lifestyle, symptoms, preferences, and goals. This meeting serves as a crucial foundation, enabling me to correlate the results with your specific symptoms.

From this understanding, I'll craft a personalized wellness protocol tailored to you, emphasizing a holistic approach that addresses you as a whole person.

Essential Functional Lab Tests

You'll receive essential test kits at your doorstep. I provide all the necessary information and guidance for you to easily collect the samples.

Combining these tests will help to assess the function of fundamental systems of the body including hormones, immune, digestion, and detoxification systems. . They are the best tool for you to learn about yourself and what's going on underneath your symptoms.

I specialize in interpreting functional lab test results,

analyzing patterns, and combining this data with an individual's unique profile to understand the comprehensive picture.

Being part of the Well Aligned Program I am trained in essential concepts, protocols and procedures, and have access to clinical support when needed.

Personalized Wellness Protocol

I will help you support your body’s natural healing ability and help sustain long-term wellness.

Once the root causes are identified, I craft a personalized protocol centered around the 5 Pillars of Wellness:

Diet- Regardless of the diet programs you've experimented with in the past, you'll quickly notice that my stands apart. You'll regain the proper functioning of your body without experiencing hunger or a sense of deprivation. Even if you've been consuming nutritious foods without witnessing the desired results, I will guide you precisely on aligning your food intake and energy expenditure levels. This will help your metabolism operate smoothly.

Sleep- Overcoming the common challenge of obtaining adequate sleep is crucial for your overall well-being. I will assist you in identifying the most suitable solution for your requirements, incorporating straightforward adjustments that can significantly impact your ability to enjoy a restful night.

Exercise- it's widely recognized that exercise is a crucial component of fostering a healthy and positive lifestyle.i can assist you in determining the type and amount of exercise that suits your individual needs, based on your lab results. It's important to note that there's no one-size-fits-all approach. In fact, if your body is under stress, fatigued, or dealing with a specific health condition, there are numerous exercises that may not be suitable for you.

Stress- My approach involves identifying your body's internal and external stressors and developing a tailored protocol to diminish and eliminate the stress you're currently facing.

Supplements- Discovering the ideal supplement for your body can be a vexing process, particularly when left to guesswork. I don't rely on guesswork; instead, we utilize testing! By analyzing your lab test results, I formulate a personalized supplement plan tailored to your body's specific requirements. This ensures you reap the complete benefits of supplementation, promoting natural wellness and longevity.

Your Journey Begins Here

Your Holistic Wellness Protocol + Labs

What Will You Get

90min Intake Session

  • Overview your personal, medical and lifestyle intake forms
  • Assessing your Metabolic Chaos™ scorecard
  • Comprehensive wellness evaluation
  • Lab recommendations and roadmap
  • Instructions on collecting your lab samples

Ordering, reviewing and interpreting functional lab tests

  • Your lab tests in wholesale prices (separate fee)
  • Shipping Included
  • Look for recurring patterns or correlations in the functional lab test results.
  • Integration with Client Intake Forms
  • Use the combined information to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the client's status

Personalized Holistic Wellness Protocol

  • Based on the Test Results & Intake
  • Completely Personalized
  • Fits Your Lifestyle
  • Diet, exersice, rest, stress and supplements recommendations

Your Wellness Protocol Session

  • Overview your test results
  • Overview your intake forms
  • Overview your protocol