Food Sensitivity Testing


What is a Food Sensitivy Test?

This test assesses your body’s immune response to 96 foods (General/Vegetarian panels), in order to identify “offending foods” that are linked with many health conditions and weight gain. Taking this test will provide even greater personalization for you. While joining one of our coaching plans, we will guide you how to effectively eliminate any triggering foods and also how to re-introduce them into your diet.

  • Easy to use: At home test
  • Collection Method: Dried Blood Spot
  • Measures: IgG Antibodies

The food that you eat can be a friend or an enemy

There are many good foods, some very healthy, but they do not benefit each of us in the same way. Each body is different and reacts to different foods differently. Food intolerances or food sensitivities are reactions to certain foods that our body has difficulty digesting. It produces IgG antibodies against them and signals innumerable ways to avoid or reduce the same food. The symptoms of intolerance can appear hours or even days after eating a particular food, and they vary from person to person.

Food sensitivities are recognized in researches to be correlated with many chronic health conditions:

IgG antibody assessment panels can serve as useful tools in the identification of trigger foods in individuals. With proper identification and elimination of offending foods, many experience reliefs from their symptoms.

Food Sensitivity Testing

Download sample report

DOWNLOAD Sample Report of 96-Food General Panel

DOWNLOAD Sample Report 96-Food Vegetarian Panel

Food Sensitivity Testing

What You Get

With ordering the test you will get all the tools and instructions you need to perform the test at home along with a pre-paid label to ship back to the lab. (Shipping is included)

In addition, first time clients receive COMPLIMENTARY:

Introductory One-On-One Meeting With Your Coach

  • Overview your test results
  • Complete an eating habit, lifestyle, health and preferences questionnaire with the client
  • Assess the current situation, measure biometrics and set goals
  • Conduct an open dialogue with the client and build a menu together

One Week of a Personalized Nutrition Plan

  • Based on the Test Results & Questionnaire
  • Completely Personalized
  • Fits Your Lifestyle

One-Week Trial of Our Coaching Plan

  • Daily support with Guidance & Feedback
  • Tips and Recipes
  • Food Journals
  • Information, Motivation and more!

Post-Week Follow Up One-On-One Meeting

  • Assess your progress
  • Provide information on important topics
  • Recommend the best plan for you

Food Sensitivity Testing

How It Works?

After ordering the testing kit, we will provide you with all the information you need about the process. In addition, we will send you a short questionnaire to understand your preferences, history and goals. After receiving your test (3-5 business days) your coach will guide you with the instructions in order to perform it correctly. You will get a pre-paid label to ship the specimen back to the lab. Results are between 10-14 business days from the day that shipping has arrived back to the lab. We also send each result to a third-party lab interpretation company for accurate understanding of the results.

Collaboration with top licensed laboratories. We don't compromise when it comes to standards, technology, or accuracy. We work with a top licensed laboratory, which exceeds accreditation and regulatory requirements and is both CLIA- and COLA-certified. Antibody assessments on the ELISA platform are always done twice. Repeat testing ensures accurate and reproducible results. Reiterative process creates consistent quality across tests Produced by US BioTek Laboratories

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