About Us


At ZUMIN Nutrition we truly believe each body and each individual has different needs. We specialize in understanding what your body needs. Using our evidence based lab tests we then implement the newly discovered results into a healthy balanced and customized diet.

Our Mission:

“Combine an evidence-based approach with client-centered process, in order to help each individual understanding his body’s needs, reach his goals and manage a healthy and balanced lifestyle.”

The name ZUMIN

Was born from what we believe in and our key to success:

  • "Zoom in to your body" - using targeted, evidence-based laboratory tests. In contrast to many diet plans that provide one generic nutrition plan, we believe in personalized nutrition plans. We tailor the right meal plan according to your test results, biometrics, goals, lifestyle, eating habits, preferences, physical activities, health conditions, culture and more. We collaborate with a top licensed laboratory, which exceeds regulatory requirements and is both CLIA- and COLA-certified.
  • Virtual One-on-One Coaching - via zoom, WhatsApp or other virtual tools. In each plan, we accompany you daily. Your coach is available for you any time. He or she will provide their personal support, experience, information, customized diet plans, recipes, tips, motivation, tools for overcoming obstacles, help with grocery lists and more. Instead of using closed Facebook groups, apps, group chats or mass email communication, you will get one on one coaching. Your designated coach is your only coach along all the way, at any given time, in any method of contact you like (Whatsapp, Phone..).
  • Healthy & Balanced Lifestyle - we believe in healthy living as opposed to a trendy, one-size-fits-all weight loss diet. In addition, we focus on other components for healthy lifestyle, such as exercise and movement, stress management, sleep quality and healthy choices. We also created our affiliate program for professionals in the wellness industry.

About The Founder

Zumin Nutrition was founded by Michelle Ben Moshe, a Certified Nutrition Coach (CNC) specializing in healthy lifestyles, changing behaviors and personalized nutrition plan. She has Bachelors degree in Communication and Masters degree in Business Management (M.B.A).

The importance of nutrition and a healthy lifestyle was always something close to her heart. Her passion is to help individuals reach their goals, lose weight and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

She believes that the key to being an effective Nutrition Coach is not only having the knowledge needed to help others but the ability to effectively communicate that information, influence decision making and change un-healthy behaviors.

Michelle is an expert in understanding diverse clientele, while understanding each individual’s needs with much empathy. She is fully aware of the differences that motivate people and always take the time to learn what each client thinks and feels and what motivates him/her to reach his/her goals.

Areas of expertise: Functional Lab-Tasting, Personalized Nutrition Plan, Gut Health, Weight Management, Sport Nutrition, Behavioral Change.