How Does it Work

Step 1. 15 min free consultation

The first step begins with a free consultation meeting. We will explain the process, hear your goals and schedule your first assessment meeting.

Step 2. Complete Your Intake Forms + Book a First Assessment Meeting

Once you book , you’ll receive an in-depth health assessment questionnaire and intake form. During our meeting we will discuss your personal health history, your current diet, rest, exercise and stress, your current environment and exposure to toxic elements, while reviewing your intake forms. We will also assess your metabolic choas score (score about multiple symptomps and hidden stressors).

You will get a thourough explanation about our method and each test. At the end of this meeting we will present you with the best plan and functional tests for you.

Step 3. Order Your Labs

We recommend diagnostic lab tests which examine imbalances, sensitiviteis, inflammation and more. That will give you the best possible insight into your current state of health, and for us to build the best protocol for you.

The test kits will be sent to your home free of charge (a personal meeting is also availble). You will get all the information and guidence to collect the samples.

Step 4. Your Lab Results and Personalized Protocol Review

When your lab results return, you will have your lab review appointment. In this appointment we will discuss the findings and create a customised health protocol, which includes diet, rest, exercise, stress management and supplement to address both current, and future health concerns. All labs results are reviewed by the labs' dr., and are interpreted in conjunction with your other tests, lifestyle, symptoms and more.

These tests are not meant for diagnose any disease. They are meant to discover underlying dysfunctions and healing opportunities.

Step 5. Enroll to a coaching program

We recommend you to enroll to one of our coaching programs, in order for you to get the best results. You will work one on one with us for a daily basis, including tracking meals, support and motivation. Also you will have a 1:1 metting twice a month. There’s also the option to re-test at the end of your protocol.