Heart Health Testing


What is The Heart Health Testing?

This test will report all relevant biomarkers for your heart, the risk of developing diabetes, as well as chronic inflammation levels. Your overall heart health is so much more than just your cholesterol levels.

  • Easy to use: At home test
  • Collection Method: Dried Blood Spot
  • Measures: Vitamin D, C, hs-CRP, Ch, Triglyceride, HDL/LDL, HbA1c

Heart Health

Not only does this panel measure your cholesterol and lipids, it also includes other important biomarkers for evaluating heart disease and diabetes risk.

A HbA1c measurement lets you know how well your blood sugar levels have been controlled over the past 90 days. The rist for diabetes can also increase the risk for heart health issues.

hs-CRP, or high-sensitivity C-reactive protein, is a non-specific, acute phase protein that the liver makes in response to inflammation in the body. hs-CRP is used as part of comprehensive assessment evaluating heart health.

Heart Health Testing

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Heart Health Test

What You Get

With ordering the test you will get all the tools and instructions you need to perform the test at home along with a pre-paid label to ship back to the lab. (Shipping is included)

In addition, with each test you will recive COMPLIMENTARY:

60 min 1:1 Meeting With a Functional Nutrition Practitioner

  • Overview your test results
  • Overview your assessment questionnaire
  • Assess the current situation, measure biometrics and set goals
  • Presenting a personalized nutrition & health protocol

Nutrition & Health Protocol

  • Based on the Test Results & Questionnaire
  • Completely Personalized
  • Fits Your Lifestyle
  • Holistic approach, including nutrition suggestions and sample menu, exersice, rest, stress and supplements

Heart Health Testing

How It Works?

After ordering the testing kit, we will provide you with all the information you need about the process. In addition, we will send you a short questionnaire to understand your preferences, history and goals. After receiving your test (3-5 business days) your coach will guide you with the instructions in order to perform it correctly. You will get a pre-paid label to ship the specimen back to the lab. Results are between 10-14 business days from the day that shipping has arrived back to the lab. We also send each result to a third-party lab interpretation company for accurate understanding of the results.

Collaboration with top licensed laboratories. We don't compromise when it comes to standards, technology, or accuracy. We work with a top licensed laboratory, which exceeds accreditation and regulatory requirements and is both CLIA- and COLA-certified. Liquid Chromatography/ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) instrumentation is used to quantitatively evaluate client urine specimens for metabolically-derived organic acids. Produced by US BioTek Laboratories

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